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NOW SOLD – Gin Sprint Evo Large – For Sale – GIN SPRINT EVO SIZE LARGE 105 – 130 KG

Gin Sprint Evo Large – For Sale – GIN SPRINT EVO SIZE LARGE 105 – 130 KG

Purchased on 23rd September 2011, has had little use.

Clean tidy well packed glider Price at £1699:00

Contact Rob Chisholm 01273 628793

Gin Sprint for sale

Video of actual glider for sale.
Gin Evo Video

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Apple Pen

If you like to see more videos on how to edit with a tablet and mobile phone, leave a comment please.

I was wondering how far you could push a tablet to edit, really enjoyed editing on a tablet which was recently given to me. Beats sitting in front of a desk top. However the applications are well really limited. So editing was more inventive rather than working in programs like After Effects. All I used was a mobile phone to video and a tablet and worked it. One day maybe were have a fully supported device A3 tablet that runs a Operating system and has proper programs in which to do editing and layers – If anyone knows of any editing App that has layers (video layers) please let me know, Cute Cut was the only one I found to date so far. Hope you enjoy the mad Xmas video made on iPad mini one and filmed using a iPhone 5. Music from this man Pico Taro

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Advanced lightness 2 for sale – Mentor 4 for sale.

Paragliding kit become so light weight you can bike to and from sites. I biked to Newhaven from Brighton and back with the glider and harness, even beat the traffic ! cars take over 1 whole hr to make the route these days from Brighton to Newhaven at rush hr, traffic becoming a nightmare some car drivers tell me, think i need an electric third party motor to be fitted to extend the distance. Any recommendations let me know, found of the idea of motor on lower bracket.