23rd April Newhaven Ridge Run

Simple flight really Newhaven to Brighton and back, I say simple however I am not that keen on teaching here.

Views are great but the areas to land are some what limited and due care to safety is a big requirement.

Never get blown back, avoid landing in the sea, also many areas of bottom landing are very rocky and will tear not only the glider but also the body.

Other than that it is very easy place to fly.

Today I take Bruno and Nick to Brighton and back on follow Rob, observe, acquire knowledge.

Chico and Dad
Nick and Bruno Newhaven

PS the lift band does go beyond the cliff please give each other room !!!!



Spring and double chocolate thermic air

11th April Devils Dyke 2017 Glider Gin Sprint 3 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.48.50.png

As with every April gone by, April can be as smooth as silk and or rough as old boots.

I am referring to the thermic air flow.

Top tip avoid ridge soaring in thermic air, make use of the big landing fields at the bottom and avoid top landings.

So thermic air in UK can be hard work to top land, often and not it is easier to make a bottom landing which increases the safety margins by 200 percent !

Double thermic, PLAY VIDEO

13th March 2017 Devils Dyke

Pitched up at Devils Dyke to fly for myself as clients had to commit to other plans at the last moment. Turned out rather well not a moment of stress and just me to think about.

Had a nice flight on a medium Sprint and also my Small Sprint 3 which is for sale.

Flying at 94 kg the Medium Sprint was fun, but the tightness was in the smallGin  Sprint for sure, core that baby thermal required a small well loaded ready to rock and roll.

I was hoping that the medium would give me that etc sink rate performance but I kept on using the speed bar to play catch up, compared to my nippy small sprint.

Choices choices, conditions light winds in a March but very warm day with some great flying buddies at Devils Dyke.

Looking for advise on Gin gliders then contact Rob Chisholm South East Dealer.