6th March 2020

22nd April 2019 Bo Peep

21st April 2019 high over

Gin Atlas 2

Brighton Lightning Strikes

MC Hammer 

Mount Caburn weekend Pilot Pro Course.

Weekend with Rob Chisholm on Pilot Pro Courses.

Part two rear launch a paraglider 

Part one Rear Launch a Paraglider

17th and 18th of JUNE.

Devils Dyke first off on Sat, then Sunday Fathers day onto Caburn.

Students in Claire, Scott and Nil’s

31st of May 2017 to the 2nd of June MOUNT CABURN 

21st May 2017 Mount Caburn

Nils and The Don in today on PPC Pilot Pro Courses.

Don earns himself a Golden star

7th May Dyke Truleigh Run

Nils, Q and Corneel on Pilot Pro Course with

29th April Newhaven Fort WW2

Video of Pilot Pro students Corneel and Nil’s


23rd April Newhaven Ridge Run

Jumbo Nick, Bruno the sword, Gnasher and Ricky Brown pants.

Simple flight really Newhaven to Brighton and back, I say simple however I am not that keen on teaching here.

Views are great but the areas to land are some what limited and due care to safety is a big requirement.

Never get blown back, avoid landing in the sea, also many areas of bottom landing are very rocky and will tear not only the glider but also the body.

Other than that it is very easy place to fly.

Today I take Bruno and Nick to Brighton and back on follow Rob, observe, acquire knowledge.

Chico and Dad
Nick and Bruno Newhaven

PS the lift band does go beyond the cliff please give each other room !!!!

11th April 2017 Devils Dyke, spring thermals easy climbs

A few easy flights at Devils Dyke today NNW to NW climbs easy, later air was more sharp and required more plot reaction, then off to the pub with the gang to chill and eat.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.47.57.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.49.17.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.50.39.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.51.30.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.52.23.png

13th March 2017 Devils Dyke

Not a bad event today at Devils Dyke, easy climbs and easy air over the back and out front. Air light winds just thermic air from midday onwards.

Flying today a Gin Sprint 3 Medium and Small Gin Sprint 3, notice the blue balls in image.

These are not standard issue, what are your views do you like them or hate them?


Image below, Tim out front on his green Gin Atlas I sold him, recently CP out and under 15 hrs he is making very good progress.

A pilot to watch where will he go ?

XC on the cards very soon, just needs a bit of encouragement and he be off.


24th Feb 2017

Weather strong site Dyke, but as I had predicted after the storm from the 23rd Feb came the calm which by 1pm became suitable for clients to fly.

Nick and Pedro take to the sky’s first flight of 2017 ! and air thermic


Nick and Pedro.JPG

action camera.JPG

22nd January 2017 Beachy Head


Interesting weather we are having in January 2017 


How to read a date on a reserve, probably people will see the Date 07 and think the reserve is 2007 ?


Where as the reserve was manufactured in 2014 see below on how to read manufactures date.


Review Epsilon 8 Paraglider
Nova Phantom paraglider Review
Sprint 3 in thermic air at Devils Dyke