A bit of Bali anyone – Simon G out the country

Pilot rated Simon,

Is on a job at the moment.

But had a few hours between meetings.

What to do he thought.

The next day and Simon G’s business meeting is completed early.

He knows exactly what he is going to do today.

Simon in shorts with very white legs.

All the 12 kms of ridge to myself

Closing comment from Simon, when flying a new site having a tandem flight first with the local Instructor helps to then have a safe solo flight.

Uk Devils Dyke Tandem flight.

Video of Nepal

France Trip with Rob Chisholm

Mid Air Crash on Tandem Paraglider

Mid Air Crash on Tandem Paraglider.

Full Video to follow soon, who is to blame?

You decide.

To Close - Blue Pilot not looking ?
Stalled hand position
I zoomed in here and cropped the best I can. I see pilot not even looking at tandem

METIS with a GoPro camera in flight!

Sit back and enjoy the video and make your own judgement what you would have done to avoid this mid air.

Comments welcome.

P.S Tandem Gradient for sale click here.

Tandem Harness – Tangra Integral Ava Sport £200

This is a Tandem harness with under seat mounted reserve container.

This is a big plus for the tandem pilot as the normal place is at the back which is not suitable should you land heavy on your back you would be absorbing the impact through a lump of reserve.

Ava came up with the idea of placing the reserve under the seat and giving full back protection to the pilot.

The harness is made for long tandem flights. Compared with say the “Ready Eddy” harness the Tangra still has split seat and ABS system.

I fly with both of these harness’s if you are a long time in the air and after comfort the “Tangra” is by far the better choice.

This the actual harness as you can see it is very clean and been well looked after.

Price to you £199.00

Contact Rob Chisholm


Bigolden 1 Tandem Gradient 42 Paraglider, Size: Large, 80 hrs Airtime

For sale with spreader bars Bigolden 1 £1250 ono

In very good condition, the Bigolden 1 has not been used commercially.

A report from the loft will be supplied near to the time of purchase.

Wear and tear is not a lot after one year’s use at weekends.

If you would like to take a look at the glider please contact Rob Chisholm
on freeflightbrighton@gmail.com

Full Specs here http://www.turnpoint.de/Gradient/img/imgBiGoldenlight/M-BIGOLDEN.pdf