Planned route Ditchling to Anningtons

Short video of the flight here.

Two more in depth video’s are available talking you through the flight.

Distance from Ditchling to Anniingtons is 14.9 km – the distance i covered was 9.3km

Rob Chisholm

Promoting safe flying.

Advance Glider for sale

I have flown this glider and appears to be alright.

I suggest Ground Handling only for use.

If you were to buy for a flying use – suggest line check and porosity check at Mike in the Loft.

But I repeat myself I suggest this glider is for Ground Handling purposes.

Glider Advance

If you are interested please contact me at Rob Chisholm

And I will answer any of your questions.

I am 78kg naked and fly the glider at 92Kg

Price of glider £180

Apco Allegra Medium 85 – 105 Kg – colour violet

Apco Allegra Medium 85 – 105 Kg, colour violet

New 02/05/00, 1 owner only

PRICE £170

(Afnor Standard Class)

23 hours only.

Complete with Apco Rucksack, Inner bag and compression strap
Manual and all the complete paperwork.

It had a test report in 2004, very favourable.

One very small patch, about 3 x 2 inches, matching material, under side, about 5 cells in from centre, caused by windsock.

Apco Allegra Medium 85 – 105 Kg, colour violet
Apco Bag
Second hand paraglider for sale