13th March 2017 Devils Dyke

Pitched up at Devils Dyke to fly for myself as clients had to commit to other plans at the last moment. Turned out rather well not a moment of stress and just me to think about.

Had a nice flight on a medium Sprint and also my Small Sprint 3 which is for sale.

Flying at 94 kg the Medium Sprint was fun, but the tightness was in the smallGin  Sprint for sure, core that baby thermal required a small well loaded ready to rock and roll.

I was hoping that the medium would give me that etc sink rate performance but I kept on using the speed bar to play catch up, compared to my nippy small sprint.

Choices choices, conditions light winds in a March but very warm day with some great flying buddies at Devils Dyke.

Looking for advise on Gin gliders then contact Rob Chisholm South East Dealer.



Reserve Manufactures Date

Have you ever bought a new reserve and then had it fitted into the harness and then 2 years later have it repacked by a local club repack evening ?

If so read on this information might help you relax and learn.

If you see below you can read 07 in Date letters before are FG, some people might think 07 is the year of manufacture of reserve?

reserve Dave.JPG

Letters below G stands for July and A for an example would be January – If ever unsure contact the company direct IE the importer.

All re packers such as Mike Eddie at the Loft are professional and know this information on how to read the date of manufacture.


Advanced lightness 2 for sale – Mentor 4 for sale.

Paragliding kit become so light weight you can bike to and from sites. I biked to Newhaven from Brighton and back with the glider and harness, even beat the traffic !

Cars take over 1 whole hr to make the route (1 way) these days from Brighton to Newhaven at rush hr.

Traffic becoming a nightmare some car drivers tell me, I would like an electric third party motor fitted to extend the distance on my bike to flying sites, then I can be car free !

Any recommendations let me know, I do like the idea of motor on lower bracket.

PS Advance 2 Pod harness now sold