NEO is a French manufacture coming soon very soon to the UK.
Subscribe and once available come and try, their not cheap, quality high spec, details are to perfection.



Spring and double chocolate thermic air

11th April Devils Dyke 2017 Glider Gin Sprint 3 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.48.50.png

As with every April gone by, April can be as smooth as silk and or rough as old boots.

I am referring to the thermic air flow.

Top tip avoid ridge soaring in thermic air, make use of the big landing fields at the bottom and avoid top landings.

So thermic air in UK can be hard work to top land, often and not it is easier to make a bottom landing which increases the safety margins by 200 percent !

Double thermic, PLAY VIDEO

Advance Lightness pod harness – Sky Spare Lite Reserve


1. Sky Spare Lite; Size: XL, Max Takeoff Weight 135 kgs Year: 2010 (currently packed in Advance Lightness Reserve)
2. Advance Lightness Rucksack
3. £300 ONO

Contact rob chisholm <>


Advance Lightness

1. Advance Lightness; Size: Large, Year: March 2013 (includes Reserve Container but no instrument panel)
2. Advance Lightness Rucksack
3. £400 ONO for both harness and rucksack

Contact rob chisholm <>