Advance Pi 23 For Sale

Pie 23 Paraglider for sale flown twice !

As New Advance Pi 23

Video of the actual glider for sale here

All technical specks here

The glider for sale is Pi 23 and therefor weight ranges are 65kg to 115kg.

I must point out that this glider has had only two flights, one in the video and only one in the Alps.

If you are after performance with light weight kit then you have arrived at the right place.

We post in the Uk with Royal mail or Parcel force but not any companies like Yodel or Collect Plus.

If you are outside of Uk your need to budget the price of posting the item abroad.

Alternatively you can pay and collect in person.

So if you after sold as like NEW ! Advance Pi 23 then contact us now.

In the price is

Advance Pi 23

Advance Easiness plus front reserve container

Plus Airbag

Glider been stored in house dry and in Ozone Lite Concertina Bag this is all included in the price.

Should you need any advise before buying do contact us by phone, if we are not in leave a message or if you need to email, but please indicate where you live.

Total price of good above are £1,999

If you prefer complete new the RRP is £2,704.95

As I said only 2 flights for a as new Advance Pi 23


Advance Pi 23

What you waiting for pick up the phone now and call 01273 628793 (Office Hrs – phone is not always manned)

Why not call me in office now if you can please.

It’s classified as EN C if you fly it in the weight range 90 – 115 kgs this range Advance call the “Mountain Intense” range. If you fly it 65 – 95 kgs then you could argue it is more EN B. Called the “Hike & Fly pleasure area”.

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