Robs as new Evo now sold has been to India

Rickard bought the wing Sprint Evo I had for sale recently – I usually get a new wing in March and sell in October of the same year so they like new.

Rickard been off to india just recently arriving back with video to come in the near future we hope, he had an epic time and clocked up 20 hrs!

For now he has supplied some older news of a very interesting part of the world.

Thanks Rob

Was hoping to bring the glider out this weekend but forecast says nothing but rain.

Found some photos of my paragliding trip to Iran. The guy with the rifle wanted to invite me to hunt mountain goats but the gun was jammed and we all tried to fix it over a cup of tea J
Paragliding is good. Easy take off and landings (no threes or any obstacles). You can get 7 day visa on arrival without any problem. Pricing is good but you should negotiate in advance. I managed to go from “300 USD a day” to “friends do not have to pay” after some discussions. Even girls are welcome and there are many female local pilots but you have to keep in mind the restrictions for woman clothing. And for sure there is NO after fly beer.
I even tried skiing one year as well and it was a very odd feeling having after ski without beer.








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