What makes it happen

I written this and placed it here as its way too long for utube in comments area.

This is my observations on the flight, its not is the pilot right or wrong but more of how and what we can all learn. Share your comments be polite and try not to point fingers as it could be you next time. And thanks for the pilot sharing these moments glad he was ok just bruising.

Many thanks for sharing the video with everyone, I wish more would but few people do.

I have taught for over 20 years for a living the sport of gliding and always interested in how to prevent incidents and accidents in what is a nice pleasurable sport.

I see quite a few comments on your page but would like to know more.

Such as do you normaly land here ?

What was the wind speed on the day?

What date was this please?

From what I can see in the video I can observe this.

0.11 Too much brake glider will slow down.

0.16 Power lines your so lucky not to have made contact with them.

0.18 Out of control

From 0.10 your glider fell behind you. (your ground speed appears to be too quick to imply just pilot error)

I feel looking this is not due to just the amount of brake but perhaps the brown field on the left little water logged I think, but looking at the shrubs etc I thinking its not a very thermic day at this altitude. You would know better than us. But if any thermal would come out of the ground it be more likely to appear from say the darker filed.

Do you use a vario ? was it switched on as if a gust dust devils I think not with the amount of water around, but if a thermal I here no beep from a vario. Dust Devils kind of come in summer and not in water logged areas.

Your ground speed appears to be ok, using the polls for the wires by the road as a marker for ground speed.

Cameras do distort the view in a fish eye, so do you normally fly around with the amount of brake in flight ?

Use some other videos on same glider to tell for yourself and all the viewers please.

I say for anyone else watching do not fly near areas such as roads with power lines, have your feet well out before the landing in the video you can see how easy it is not to be able to get yourself ready in time when it all gets out of hand.

Know how to PLF last resort – good back protection is a requirement with helmet. Always carry a mobile phone in say bum bag which you can access without getting out of the harness, good boots with angle protection always help when you land on your feet.

Top tip if your unlucky to land in the power lines stay put do not reach for the ground call using your mobile in your bum bag and tell anyone that walks over to help like dog walker etc to stay well away.

Electricity can arc and will if someone is near enough – never try to get out of your harness and reach the ground this be fatal. Call the services have the current switch off!

Above all the take off and landings are all that matters in flying keep it safe by making it safe, Site Assensment !

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