14th March 2012

Dean hang lose and picks me up from home. Lola, Dean and I head towards High Over for spot of trying out new kit.

Dean on his spanking new Nova Mentor 2 and myself on a Evo. Lola took it easy in the van.

Conditions weak but fun thermals to 300 ft out front.

You had to glide out as no ridge lift. Committed flying needed this focuses the minds.

Meet loads of new people group here from Japan.






5 thoughts on “14th March 2012

  1. Dean

    Shame that the others took all the nice lift for themselves before we got there.. Oh well. Nice afternoon though.

    Mentor 2..? 😉

  2. charlie

    Away the lads. Hope you had a good day. Dean you look like the urban terrorist.massive.see you both soon.have a good one tommo.

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