10th March 2012

Full on day for working Rob Chisholm at Devils Dyke.

Ps still looking to trade in your as new DHV 1 glider for a PX on any glider of your choice ?

http://www.Freeflightbrighton.co.uk is not bound to anyone dealer and can supply. And currently looking for three DHV 1 gliders for the school.

Back today One Post CP and one Near of Cp training with two Tandem passengers, lovely people from the East of Uk. Stephen and Jenny with Hero film video to follow when I get a moment to edit.

Great thanks for Big Dean Bird for helping out on Tandem Launch helps loads I owe you one dude.

It be on tomorrow and I rocking up at 10 am at Devils with a view to head out to Ditchling later, but gut feeling thinking it might not play ball for us.

But what the hell its been a epic week for flying.

If you missed flying this week, have a little look here click the image below and when you finished with it have a look here at Chris the dude top landing all of three times at Devils and soaring with others.

With one on one he completed half the CP student record book in a day and still has 5 more sessions to go.

Well guess Chris just have to make do with loads more flying then 🙂


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