Paragliding Weather Forecast from Synoptic Charts in the UK

I have made this video to help other pilots to be able to read the weather and to forecast the weather for themselves.

The weather is just a starting point to help you to explore the biggest areas that most new pilots under estimate.

Without the ability to read the weather, one of two things will happen.

You will listen to the local TV forecast and turn up with a predicted wind direction.

But no understanding of the actual air you will be flying in.

Or you may turn up on the wrong site wasting time and fuel.

This video is a basic introduction to reading synoptic charts.

For more information on airflow and the different types of conditions they produce, click on this

A link here for the synoptic charts I use to predict the forecast click here.

In the video I have predicted Friday 28th of October to be a day for a bike ride as winds are light. But not a day for flying.

Here is a report from the flying site today from a pilot who has been to the actual flying site.

To illusrtate what a hill looks like in low cloud look here


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