Strange weather we are having

I took a customer through some Pilot Q – A today.

As he had his dog with him and lunch time came I suggested a walk on the beach.

The dog enjoyed herself and I made the most of the sky to explain the clouds, but also noted that in 20 years I have taught people to fly.

The air mass is too warm and really it should be cooler for this time of year in the UK.

As I pointed up at the clouds it did amaze me that they the cell clouds were of such magnitude it reminded me more of a Asian air mass.

Bottom line I told the customer, Pilot rating is great way to move forwards.

However knowing your Q.F.E and reading maps with how to read the conditions is all your really need to know in a sport like paragliding.

No Digital equipment can read the weather like a good pilot can.

A safe pilot with correct attitude fly’s on another day knowing when weather is safe or not.

Top tip its all in the clouds you just need to know what your looking for.


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