An Insight to Nepal

Tracking around Nepal in 2008 for 2 months with buddy John Mitchell of Hotel Garden.

We visited many destinations on foot as some roads had either vanished or had not been built yet.

River crossings were shallow enough for a our Jeep to cross.
Crossing with some care was required and then ascents were made on foot to the highest point.

Our aim to take off in places such as Gukha where the mountain and village was known to John Mitchell.

John employs “Ammer the Hammer” our professional driver.

I nick named Ammer “Ammer the Hammer” while driving around with him, metal to pedal when it is needed is a must in Nepal.

And Ammer sure can dive, be aware if you drive in Nepal and are involved in a accident – better you just leave the country if you can.

It kind of go’s into a mental breakdown.

With no insurance, Nepalese hold you all hostage until someone pays up.

This could be the coach owner of a company who is miles away and all of this can take days.

I had a go at driving through Nepal with Ammer next to me, rule one every 30 seconds three toots on the horn.

In fact the MOT out there is does the horn work ?

If you do not hit your horn your not looking Ammer told me, other drivers think it be ok for them to pull out.

If you over-take look ahead, if the big bus is indicating right all is well to over take.

You see the bus driver is so much bigger than you.

He can see ahead and the bus driver is saying it is Ok to over take now.

The exception to the rule is when the bus is actually turning right.

What happens then Ammer, I ask?

Ammer said then its all over, so just hit the horn every 30 seconds and then we all know where we are.

Anyway here is a little video I have put together of our travels in Nepal John and I made together.

I miss him dearly but we do catch up on Skype often, John said he is only making 3 flights a day.

Just yesterday we spoke and John up loading some new images of his day.

2011 / October. Images of the days flying here.

Enough said watch the video interview with Rob Chisholm in Nepal on the ground and in the air.


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