Gin Sprint Team visit Beachy Head

Saturday the 15th of October we arrive all four of us at High Over for 9 am.

Charlie – Paul – Simon and Dean.

I picked Simon up from the station and drove straight out to meet other Post CP students.

Sadly Charlie picked up a nail in his £160 rear super bike tire.

The weather don’t wait dudes, so we say our good byes to Charlie and wish him safe journey home.

Simon – Dean – Paul and I head over to Beachy.

Personally I stay at High Over as I think it become thermic later.

But mention the word Beachy and all go slightly mad for flying what is basically a ridge soaring site.

The South east bowl is good for below Pilot rated and the South cliff is awesome dudes with a view to wet your pants, you have to fly it to know what I mean.

You need to be Pilot rated to fly the cliffs, I get a site brief before you go as in learn all you can now and then arrange to meet a club coach or pay myself “Rob Chisholm” to take a tandem flight.

Images from Simon Vacher we fly High and Over on the Bi Golden Tandem I have for sale. So two sites in one day, not bad.

4 thoughts on “Gin Sprint Team visit Beachy Head

  1. Hi Rob
    I do not want to be critical but it is not good practice for a pilot to pull “big ears” so close to the ground…………..saying that if it is the only means of landing then it probably is a bit too windy for top landing and landing at the bottom would be a safe option.
    Nice video

    1. I would agree Mark if you are on solo do not do this.

      If you are on tandem the weights of pilots to the size glider you are flying with tandem has so more many areas, it depend on the pilot and passenger and program set out in advance of training applied within the air flow you are currently using.

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