Tandem Harness – Tangra Integral Ava Sport £200

This is a Tandem harness with under seat mounted reserve container.

This is a big plus for the tandem pilot as the normal place is at the back which is not suitable should you land heavy on your back you would be absorbing the impact through a lump of reserve.

Ava came up with the idea of placing the reserve under the seat and giving full back protection to the pilot.

The harness is made for long tandem flights. Compared with say the “Ready Eddy” harness the Tangra still has split seat and ABS system.

I fly with both of these harness’s if you are a long time in the air and after comfort the “Tangra” is by far the better choice.

This the actual harness as you can see it is very clean and been well looked after.

Price to you £199.00

Contact Rob Chisholm



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